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Brownfield Equity Co. is a boutique commercial financial services firm offering a unique approach to meet the current real estate lending crisis

BEC provides liquidity to brownfield developers who have constantly been told, "There are no solutions"



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Your Brownfield Tax Credits are worth money right now. You can convert your pre-remediation credits into equity to get your loan approved!


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It is time to think Differently...

A longstanding misconception, by both developers and lenders within the industry, has consistently been that Brownfield Tax Credit Programs offered by state environmental agencies do not financially contribute cash and liquidity to “complete” a brownfield development project.

Most, if not all industry participants believe that Brownfield Tax Credits can only create value after the remediation process has been completed.  BEC has developed a solution that will clarify this industry wide misconception, by presenting a sound financial opportunity to unlock the intrinsic value of Brownfield Tax Credits prior to, or during the remediation process.

We understand your critical funding requirements! Our Company is operated by a team of professionals with years of experience in the real estate development industry.
If your Project is located in a state that issues Brownfield Tax Credits, you probably already qualify!
Our professionals focus on providing the optimal financing solution for each client and closely manage all aspects of the remediation process from start to finish.