What We Do
We are Different!

Brownfield Equity Co. offers a unique financial product that will help fund the costs of remediation. We can monetize your brownfield tax credits before and during the remediation process.

Government programs can only help you after the remediation is complete. Our Company was created to help take advantage of those incentives. BEC provides specialty capital to developers when they need it the most, before and during remediation.


Financial Services


  • Cash For Remediation
  • Letter of Credit
  • Remediation Consulting
  • Oversite Management

Manage Your Project
Better Cheaper Faster

Our environmental engineers are qualified experts that will work seamlessly with your remediation group during every phase of the remediation process, to help complete your project on budget and on schedule.

Our professionals focus on providing the optimal financing solution for each client and closely manage all aspects of the remediation process from start to finish.


Services Overview


Cash For Remediation

Regardless of the size of your project, conserving cash balances is the key to survival.  In exchange for your future brownfield tax credits, Brownfield Equity Co. will provide you with a portion of your remediation funds, without the burden of monthly interest payments.



Letter of Credit

Brownfield Equity Co. will supply the project`s owner, developer or lender with either a Letter of Credit, or additional cash reserves to fund a loan.

Due to the prolonged credit crisis, lenders will set financial covenants and cash reserves that few, if any developers can meet. 

A Letter of Credit could be used to enhance your balance sheet by supplementing your collateral package, allowing lenders to approve your loan.




Consulting & Oversite Management

BEC can be with you through all phases of your Project: